Sleep habits to see you through tough times

When tough times hit many of us fall into a state of despair and such feelings can overwhelm us and leave us tossing and turning at night - not ideal for a restful and deep night’s sleep. Therefore, we believe that there are certain things that everyone can do to ensure that they get an optimal night’s sleep and still wake up feeling happy and confident that you are doing all things right by yourself. So, we’ve decided to create this comprehensive list of tips and tricks that you can pull to get to sleep faster. Now, many of them might not look like much and others you may not even want to consider doing, but the reality is that even if it takes some effort we should all go to some lengths to improve the quality of our sleep. Everyone goes through hardships but hopefully through this blog you will be able to see that you’re not alone. So, without further ado, let's get into it!

Below we’ve listed a variety of habits you should try and get into that we personally believe are very effective. Read on down for more:

Top tip number 1: Be consistent in when you wake up and when you actually go to sleep

This tip is an absolute life saver. Sure, we understand that sometimes life gets in the way but that's a weak excuse if you really want to push yourself and optimize your sleeping schedule.

Top tip number 2: Get out there and exercise

Exercise has so many benefits and one of those is helping you get to sleep. Don't even underestimate the power of a ten minute walk. Exercise is ideally carried out through the day and at least three hours before sleep.

Top tip number 3: Cold, dark but comfortable

Make sure your bedroom is a haven of darkness so that your body knows that it’s time to sleep and get some rest.

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