Sofa bed to buy uk

Sofa bed to buy uk 

There are many great reasons to buy a sofa bed but its hard to choose the right one. As you  do not have to waste your time in blowing up an air mattress that can be deflated as fast as  being blown up. It is an easy way of saving space in your homes, you can easy turn you are  living room into a spare bedroom.  
The best types of sofa beds? 
  1. John Lewis Sansa sofa bed  
  • Extra storage in chaise  
  • Sturdy construction  
  • 8cm deep mattress 
  • Chaise can be assembled on either side. 
The brand John Lewis excels in everything so why would the sofa bed be any different. its  thrown convention to the wall and give you sleek style sofa. that is super comfortable to sit  on and when having a bed. it folds into double bed so two people can comfortably sleep at  night.  
The common problem that is found in sofa beds is that there is no board or frame  underneath the cushions. That leaves you with a sofa that needs to be plumped and  rearranged before you sit on it every time. As there is no frame so to make it look like a  normal sofa.  
It is a three-seater sofa that you can also make the bed, which is practical space saver. Now  you will not need to move the furniture around to fit in a big piece of furniture. also, the  chaise lifts giving you extra storage for all the bedding you might need.  
  1. John Lewis basic Clapton sofa bed 
  • Stylish modern look 
  • Made of hardwood  
  • Easy to Assemble into a bed  
  • Compact and comfortable  
  • Linen polyester blend upholstery  
The modern look of the sofa bed is ideal for anyone that is short on space. The firm  cushions made for long -term use, but if you are looking for a little more comfort then  you should get yourself a mattress topper and simply tuck it down behind when not in  use.  
They are top – quality built in John Lewis always for essentials if you are looking for going to use the sofa bed for long term. You would not want to buy a futon where you  would feel the wooden slats underneath. Or you kneel on, and it breaks! A comfortable  sofa and comfortable bed are what you need, and the Clapton provides that. 
Its 180cm long which makes it perfect for anyone that is six feet tall. Any taller than that you will have your toes hanging out. It is about the size of a single bed but a little wider  and if you are in the need for some extra space. You must also consider the size of the sofa bed when buying.  
  1. John Lewis bailey two-seater sofa bed  
  • Two-seater sofa  
  • Double sofa bed  
  • High-quality upholstery  
  • Available in large range of colours  
Reliable comfort as a sofa and bed, it has a huge range of colours and fabrics you can get the exact ones to complete the look of your room. The bed itself is simple to pull out, it will take  of a couple of tires to get a hang of it. 
The mattress is slightly thinner than regular double mattress. it is a pocket sprung mattress  that is makes it extremely high quality and is like a regular bed mattress.  
Pocket springs have Individual springs that can move independently so you have full support  to go up and down your back in any sleeping position. You will have seat cushions provided that are fully supported, and it feels like a normal sofa.  
It is not going to be saggy and will be completely comfortable as the main sofa in the living  room. The bed is perfect for overnight guest and long-term use.  
  1. Innovation living cubed 140 sofa bed with serpentine sprung foam mattress  140 x 200 x 12cm bed size 
  • Requires some assembly  
  • Two colours available 
  • Extremely comfortable 
This is from a Danish company, and it is made to the highest standards and quality. The  good -quality sofa has even better mattress featuring a combo of springs and foam. 
The on problem is that it comes in three pieces and its quite heavy, so you will be needing  two strong people to put it together. Once its together you will have a high-quality sofa bed,  plus it makes it easier to place it into a room when its built.  
Its ideal for guest for a night or few weeks. They are comfortable night after night. Normal  bedding can fit the sofa bed, but you will need to tuck the sheets further under because its  12 cm deep compared to regular mattresses which is around 20-25 cm. it is a superb double bed. 
  1. Charcoal chair bed  
  • Polyester fabric  
  • Fire retardant  
  • Easy to set up 
  • Comfortable as a chair as well as a bed 
It is a little small to sleep on for an adult but the best ideal bed for a child. Easy to set up for a sleepover and its small so you can easily fit it into a child’s bedroom. The only problem  that you will have to make sure to keep it clutter-free so it can still be used! 
Its also made from a fire-retardant material which is nice and as a foam mattress, your child  or friend will get excellent support right across their back. The best thing about it the most is  the price; it is an absolute bargain for such a reliable and useful item. 
It is easier than setting up an air bed and cheaper, so you do not need to buy the bed, the  pump, and the puncture repair kit.  

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