Sofa Beds For Dogs

Sofa beds for dogs

When having pets like a dog, it can be hard trying to keep them from sitting on the sofa, and it can be especially annoying to have to clean up dog hair afterwards. Well at Chelsea dogs, they have some great sofa beds made for dogs that will please your dog and they will have a sofa that they can call their own.

First let us talk about all the benefits that a dog having a sofa bed, such as the sofa will be raised off the ground so they can be protected from droughts. There are high sides around the sofa bed so that your dog can feel safe and secure while resting.

Here are a few examples of sofa beds for dogs

  • Hampton luxury leather dog sofa bed by Chester and wells
  • Oxford, I leather dog sofa bed by Chester and wells
  • The Harvey luxury dog bed
  • Windsor luxury leather dog sofa bed by Chester and wells
  • Oxford II luxury leather dog sofa bed by Chester and wells
  • The Oscar luxury sofa bed

These are just a few that are listed on the website Chelsea

Well now that you know the options, let's get more into what you need to look for when buying your dog a sofa bed. Firstly, you need to compare your dog’s size to the bed's dimensions before buying. There is no universal sizing on dog beds so be careful when you order. If you could compare a large bed from one brand, then you will figure out that it could be the same but as a small one from a different manufacturer. Another thing that you should note down is that any sofa style dog bed also has bolsters but all on one side, so if your dog does sprawl then you should make sure that the sofa bed is long enough to accommodate them.

Now I am going to give examples of recent dog sofa beds, where I will be mentioning the benefits and qualities of each dog sofa bed.

BEDSURE Orthopaedic sofa dog bed

The sofa bed is made from orthopaedic foam, BEDSURE sofa dog bed is a great choice that mostly for older dogs that could benefits them as they could have more support. The bed covers are machine washable as it is made from a soft,

snuggly fabric and it has three bolsters on three sides so that your dog can sleep in a variety of positions. The available size of the dog is small, medium, and large.

BEDSURE Orthopaedic sofa dog bed

The next best sofa bed is the Keet Fluffy sofa dog bed. In pictures it would look like a mini human leather sofa that has a wooden frame, memory foam cushioning and faux leather vinyl upholstery. The bed mattress has soft removable covers that are made from Minky fabric that can be machine washable otherwise the bed is spotlessly clean. The only size available is small.

Paw hut Zigzag dog sofa bed

This dog bed is designed like modern–looking furniture. It is a foam-filled cushion which is designed to take the pressure off tries doggy joints and high bolstered sides to prevent your dog from falling off the edges. This dog bed is available in one size only. It is suitable for a pug or smaller.

Fun Haven Orthopaedic comfortable sofa dog bed

This sofa bed is designed with an egg crate and a gel-infused foam that can be comfortable for your pup. The bed is covered with washable velvet and fake fur fabric that is ultimate cosy and comes in thirteen different colours. The available size of the dogs is small, medium, and large.

Joy elf large memory foam dog bed

This dog bed has over 10,000 reviews and is rated 4.7/5 stars. This is the best sofa dog bed that money can buy. The memory foam base will provide your dog with superior comfort and the interior has a waterproof liner that will make it perfect for older dogs and puppies that often have accidents. When you buy this sofa dog bed, you get a bone squeaker toy free with your purchase. The available size for the dog bed is small to XXL.

Paw hut modern nest dog sofa

This is a fashionable sofa bed. The interior of the bed is like a dream; it is an elegant couch that can fit right in. for a dog that is 10kg in size it will provide a nice shape for a four-legged dog that can curl up and sleep. The available size for the dog bed is one size only.

Acorn pets ultimate comfort dog sofa bed

The dog sofa bed is available in classic neutral shades. The comfortable dog bed is filled with about 10cm of solid memory foam that is suitable for a dog up to 50kg. for example, Labradors, German shepherds, poodles, or greyhounds. When cleaning you can do that with a brush, or you can remove the outer covers and throw them in the washing machine to clean. The available size for the sofa dog bed is large and extra-large.

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