Sofa Care Instructions

Sofa care instructions

Can sofa springs be repaired?

Yes, sofa springs can be repaired however it will take a professional, if the sofa springs are damaged beyond repair then, unfortunately, it is time to buy a new sofa. There are places that offer services to repair a sofa, so if you do need your sofa springs repaired then you should look online.

How much would it cost?

In the UK it generally costs about £70 to £90 to fix a regular-sized sofa, however, it may cost more to fix a bigger sofa as it involves removing and replacing the springs and platform of the sofa.

How often do sofa springs break?

A sofa generally lasts 7-15 years when kept in good condition, sofas should break easily as they are made from sturdy materials that help hold the weight of anyone.. but over time sofas become weak, they start to sag and the fabric may become stained, and the base may become squeaky or unsteady. This is why it is best to invest in great quality sofas and buy them at a genuine store rather than a second-hand store.

How to prevent sofa springs from breaking

One of the biggest reasons that the springs pop out from sofas is because of kids jump on the sofa By jumping on it, you are wearing the structure and putting too much pressure on the springs, causing them to pop out.

Another way to prevent sofas from sagging is to turn the pillows around. That way pressure is being distributed equally. Keep the sofa in good condition by adding more padding to the sofa if you feel as though it is getting weak. You can also add sofa covers to protect your sofa and prolong its life.

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