Sofa Vs Sectional

Sofa vs sectional

So, you’re in the market for a new sofa and your options are a sectional sofa or a traditional sofa for your living room or whatever room you’ve decided to place a sofa in.

You might be choosing between one piece of furniture vs. multiple pieces for your family home. You might be nervous about having seating options for the whole family.

Perhaps you’re looking for a couch with a recliner so you can lay down as well as sit or maybe it’s a design concern you’re having. Regardless of the issues or concerns you have, we’re here to help.

No matter what your reasons, we’re going to lay out the differences between sectionals and sofas so you can decide which one to buy.

Differences between a sectional sofa and a sofa

Sectional sofas and sofas come in a variety of shapes, fabrics, styles and sizes but they have a variety of differences.

One of the biggest differences is in the construction. A single sofa is a single piece, but sectionals come in two or 3 large pieces which can be connected or several smaller pieces which you can arrange to your personal taste.

Another key difference between the sofa and a sectional sofa are the sizes.

The pros and cons of a sectional sofa

Pros of sectional sofa

  • More seating spaces
  • Sectionals are ideal for large families or those who like to entertain family and friends.
  • Sectionals are great living room furniture
  • Given their range of sizes, sectionals fill out a larger room nicely.
  • Sectional sofas often come with a chaise
  • Sectional sofas with a chaise allow for your feet to be put up while lounging and laying.

Cons of sectional sofa

  • Sectional sofas can be quite heavy and bulky
  • Sectionals aren’t great if you move frequently
  • Sectional sofas are not ideal for your bedroom or home office
  • Sectional sofas are bigger, sectionals are best for living and family rooms but are not great for small living spaces.
  • Can be difficult to assemble and disassemble.
  • Sectionals are not for people who aren’t handy, as this might be a deal-breaker
  • Not reclining
  • Most sectionals do not include a reclining seat, although a few do
  • Typically, more expensive than a sofa

Pros and cons of sofa

Pros of a sofa

  • Sofas are best for a small space
  • Sofas design makes them ideal for an extra room or small living spaces
  • Sofas can be paired with other furniture
  • Sofas are wonderful if you like to add a loveseat or even add a recliner
  • Less expensive than a sectional

Cons of a sofa

  • Less seating space which is why sofas are best for small apartments, bedrooms, or home offices.
  • Less room to lounge with multiple people so these are best for single individuals or small families.
  • Sofas are less economical

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