Sofas That Can Cause Allergies

Sofas that can cause allergies

The only allergy that can be caused by a sofa is in your respiratory reaction, which can be the fifth-leading that can cause of chronic illness in the United States according to

The respiratory allergy reaction can be manifested in sneezing, coughing watering eyes, or trouble breathing, sofas can contribute to causing these allergies. Even dust mites, pet dander, and mould can be on your sofa and will put your health at risk.

In case of an emergency if you’re experiencing any serious medical symptoms then you should be seeking medical treatment immediately.

Dust mites can be found in any furniture, the small bugs that are closely related to spiders that thrive on human skin cells, that will be making your sofa a good place to live. The allergy reaction to dust mites could be from the dust mites themselves or their faeces. Whereas the mild symptoms are sneezing or a runny nose. Any severe reaction could lead to an asthma attack. As people know that dust mites live in the dust to reduce the dust mites’ reaction is that you should clean your sofa regularly.

Pet dander – many owners have pets that love to jump on the sofas as well as you can shred hair too, dander, and even skin on the sofa. They can also be the source of the allergic reaction, to prevent this you need to cut down the time your furry friend spends on your couch. For extra precautions, you can drape a sheet or blanket on top of the couch, which can be easy to wash and that can reduce the allergens getting onto your sofa.

Mould thrives in humidity. If you are living in a humid climate or home, then you should know that mould can grow on your sofa. Inhaling mould is unsafe as it can cause allergic reactions. If you do so your body will respond by forming antibodies that will attack the allergens. But your respiratory system will become worse over repeated exposure.

What is the best way to prevent all this?

The best way that you can prevent allergies from a sofa is that you should reduce your exposure to dust mites, pet dander, and mould. To fight pet dander and dust mites you should know that switching from a fabric sofa to leather or wood and plastic would be much safer. To reduce mould, you should try and control the humidity inside your home, keep a dehumidifier running and close the windows.

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