Storage Bed With Built-In TV

Storage bed with built-in tv

What is a tv bed?

A tv bed is a bed frame that has a specially made area in the footboard of the bed for you to store your tv. The tv can be lifted and put away just by pressing a single button, this is very continent as you can lift it out from the bed when you are using it and hide it away when you aren't. 

What sizes are available in tv beds?

An important thing to remember is tv bed frames are always larger than standard bed frames because of the additional storage that is required for the tv. When purchasing a tv bed you can always look to see what the dimensions are so you can purchase a bed that is the perfect size for your bedroom.

 A double tv bed generally fits most bedrooms and allows two people to sleep comfortably. If your bedroom is extremely big, then you can even get a king-size tv bed. Tv beds come in all sizes, small, double and king. 

What is a storage tv bed?

A storage tv bed or an ottoman tv bed does not only provide storage for your tv but also provides additional storage for anything else you might want to store away. This type of bed helps you to maximise your storage space in other areas of your room such as your wardrobe. This is helpful as it can free up space in your wardrobe so you can have more space for items such as clothes and shoes or just other items that you use on a more daily basis. You can get these beds in a range of colours so you can find the perfect colour to go with the design and décor of your bedroom. 

How do you plug in a tv bed?

Tv beds come with space in the bed itself that is designed to hide the wires. It also has storage space for DVD players and game consoles, these will be drawers that will be built into the sides of the bed that will be big enough for these items. 

Does the tv bed come with a tv?

Tv beds do not come with a tv, you will need to buy these separately if you already don’t have a tv that is the right size for the bed. Most tv beds can hold up to a 42inch tv, but you should check with the manufacturer to ensure you purchase a tv that is the right size and fits in the bed. This is one of the most important things as you don’t want to waste your money or your time. 

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