Storage Beds - Pros and Cons

Storage beds - pros and cons

What is a storage bed?

A storage bed is a bed that comes with a secret section that has storage. These beds are perfect for anyone who wants to maximise their space.

Storage bed pros:

  • A storage bed will help to maximise your space and keep your bedroom tidy
  • Makes your bedroom look more attractive this is because most of the storage beds with beautiful wooden designs and other strongly made structures that are appealing to the eye. 
  • A storage bed can help to use up empty space such as the empty space that is under the mattress. A storage bed can give you loads of extra space which will also help free up wardrobe space. As you will be able to store that you don’t need daily in the storage bed and just use your wardrobe for daily essentials. 
  • A storage bed can help to keep your bedroom clean. This is because there is no space between the box springs and the floor, which means no dirt or dust can gather under the bed. Also, over time items can get lost under the bed, a storage bed can stop both these issues. 
  • Storage bed cons:

  • Storage beds can start to experience hardware issues, and handles and knobs will start to get loose or even fall off. There is a track roller under the bed that slides the drawer out and that may get damaged, which will cause the drawer not to open the whole way. 
  • Storage beds are more expensive than standard beds. This is because they came with added facilities such as the storage and added mechanisms such as the track roller that standard bed frames do not have. 
  • Transporting a storage bed is very challenging. Standard beds are very easy to move around as they can be disassembled into 3 parts which makes it a lot easier to move. Whereas storage beds can't pass through stairs or through doorways. Because of this reason, if you are a person who likes to move around a lot, a storage bed won’t be a good choice for you as you won't be able to transport it from one home to another. 
  • Types of storage beds:

    There are three main types of storage beds, and these are the divan beds, ottoman bed frames and bed frames with drawers.

    The divan beds have around 2 to 4 drawers built into the sides of the bed for storage. The divan beds are also cost-effective and aren't as expensive as other storage beds may be

    The ottoman bed frame is a bed frame that has gas-lift hydraulics which raises the base the best to uncover loads of storage space underneath. These storage beds offer a lot more storage than a divan bed would. 

    Bed frames that come with drawers are very similar to the divan bed frame, they have several drawers built into the sides of the end of the bed that provide additional storage space. These beds also do not offer as much storage as the ottoman bed does but they are ideal for smaller bedrooms as they won't take up as much space.

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