Storage Ideas For Apartment Living

by Dylan Bowen August 10, 2022 2 min read

Storage ideas for apartment living

From the tiniest thumbtack to every book on your shelf and each piece of clothing hanging in your closet, there is a lot of stuff to stay organised. It's even more daunting if you're bringing it all into a smaller apartment.

Many people tend to appear at a smaller home and see what's missing — space. Yet, fewer closets and fewer built-in storage don't mean you're missing out on somewhere to place your stuff.

If you're smart along with your furniture choices, colour picks and organisational tactics, every corner of a little space can become a “beloved spot."


There are two areas in your bedroom which will be great for storage — your closet and under your bed. Maximising space in your closet is feasible with a range of storage ideas. From special hangers to repurposing home items, your closet can hold twice the maximum amount of stuff as you think.

Use vertical spaces: Stack shirts or pants on shelves

Shower curtain hangers: Install these in your closet to carry scarves, belts or maybe tank tops freeing up drawer space in your bedroom for bulkier items

Over-the-door shoe organiser: Less stuff on the bottom helps your small space feel less cluttered

Under-bed storage: whether or not you have got a bed that's lower to the bottom, special storage bins exist which will slide under. Store your off-season clothing here to liberate extra space for the things you wish.


Tips for organising small spaces are most convenient within the bathroom. It's presumably the tightest space in an exceedingly small apartment, but there's room to spare in there, too. Overlooked areas ideal for extra storage include above the bathroom and inside cabinets.

Over-the-toilet shelf: Since it slides in around the toilet, you are not adding to the footprint within the lavatory. This is often a good place to carry toiletries that do not fit on the sink.

Over-the-door hooks: Perfect for wet towels or bathrobes.

Shower caddies: Hang these over your shower head to carry soap and shampoo.

Small storage containers within your bathroom cabinets: a good place for your hairdryer and straightener.

A wine rack or special shelf for fresh towels: Putting them abreast of the wall makes sure they are not taking over valuable closet or cabinet space. It also looks decorative if you incorporate towels in vibrant colours.


The best thanks to increasing space for storing in your kitchen is to feature more counter space.

Make use of all free space: Large bowls have lots of space in them. Condense your Tupperware or dishes by putting smaller objects inside larger ones.

Appliances for storage: No cabinets, no problem! Your oven or microwave could be an excellent place to stay dishes, pots and pans out of sight.

Portable chef's cart: Put cutlery or maybe small kitchen appliances thereunder, then wheel the cart near an outlet after you should infix something. It gives you an additional surface to prep food, and you'll be able to move it out of the way when you're done. Wall hooks and over-the-door storage: Hang large utensils, pots and pans, cleaning supplies and even pantry staples.

Dylan Bowen
Dylan Bowen

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