Storage Ideas For Garage

Storage ideas for garage

It's easy for a garage to become a dumping ground as the years go by. From bikes to toolkits, coats to shoes, old children’s toys and crazy amounts of craft supplies, you'll most likely find something new (or old) stored away in there. Does this sound familiar?

There's nothing more satisfying than decluttering any part of your house and the garage is a good place to dive into.

Here we share some of our favourite garage storage ideas that will help if you’re looking to fix up your garage and control the chaos once again.


Put hooks on the wall for awkward, large items to hang in a designated place. This is a great garage storage solution for ironing boards, ladders, wheelbarrows or folding garden chairs that can't be relied on to stand on their own. This six-pack of multipurpose garage storage hooks would definitely do the trick!

Ceiling storage

In the same way as the wall shelving, overhead storage hanging from your garage ceiling can really maximise the use of your space. This is especially useful for any large, seasonal items that are used less often that can be stored completely out of the way. The Hyloft brackets here are great for your custom storage needs: create a platform and add boxes or just add large items like sports equipment or ladders.

Storage boxes

Use storage boxes to organise your items. This is a neat way of keeping all your bits and bobs together and using transparent boxes will help you identify exactly where things are. Boxes do the trick with lids too to keep out dust and critters.

Wall shelves

Install wall shelving to make the most of the vertical space. It'll clear your floor of clutter and use space that would otherwise be left empty and untouched. These wall-mounted shelves are adjustable, provide plenty of storage space and have a minimalist, industrial look that'll look great in your garage or utility.

Multi-drawer cabinet

Use a multi-drawer storage cabinet to store all the small, DIY bits and pieces that can easily get jumbled or misplaced. Store your bolts, screws, nails and alum keys in one place safe in the knowledge they'll be there when you need them. This 40-drawer cabinet would work great for starters!

Label boxes

It may seem obvious but labelling your storage boxes is a fantastic solution to finding where everything is, without the headache of having to scan through the contents of each first. These cute chalkboard labels look great and are removable and waterproof - really helpful if your garage is prone to dampness or if you're likely to have water in close proximity.

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