Storage Ideas For Pantry

Storage ideas for pantry

If you’re lucky enough to possess a pantry, you’ll probably know the struggle to stay tidy and accessible. This space holds all of our kitchen essentials, so tends to be full to the brim with cereal boxes, baking supplies, spices, packets and tins, which may get cluttered very quickly when you’re pulling things out each day during a hurry.

Although if you dread heading into your own pantry, (or even just your normal kitchen cupboards) don't worry: there are lots of ways to show it from a jumbled mess into an organised haven.

Here's a breakdown of our favourite pantry storage solutions together with some pretty pictures for inspiration to kickstart your own ideas in 2022.

Airtight Food Storage Container Set

This pack should organise your pantry nicely. The containers stack neatly on top of every other and are available with reusable labels and a measuring spoon set.

Glass airtight storage containers

This is a fairly priced set of glass food containers and they look really beautiful.

Cereal dispenser

Keep cereals fresher for extended during this airtight dispenser and ditch battered-looking and/or garish boxes from your pantry.

Over the Door & Wall Mount Storage Organiser

This over-the-door storage organiser has deep baskets for bulkier foods like vegetables or bigger jars.

Standing Shelf Unit

This is an excellent price for an outsized shelving unit – there are many rooms for all of your staples and, unlike with fitted shelves, you will not have to drill into your walls.

Stackable Storage Baskets

Keep fruit and vegetables in these nifty storage baskets. They’re stackable, so will help to utilise your space more effectively.

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