Storage Solutions For A Small Bedroom

Storage solutions for a small bedroom

Although we’d all love a bedroom big enough to adjust an en-suite bathroom and walk-in wardrobe, this just isn’t an existence for most of us. Though even if your bedroom is on the smaller side, it doesn't mean you're condemned to a lifetime of living in clutter. There are lots of small bedrooms storage ideas out there to help you use the space you have.

Getting innovative by opting for multipurpose furniture, using your walls and climbing down on sizing can all help. Make sure to keep clutter at a minimum as this is the swiftest way to make your room feel stuffy.

You might be surprised what a contrast small trades like changing your bedside table for one with drawers to suppress your bits and pieces, or corralling items in boxes, rather than leaving them open on your shelves.

We've rounded up some of our choices of the best small bedroom storage ideas we've found — you might be surprised at how much stuff you can actually press into your space!

So let’s see what we can recommend for you for your small bedroom space to maximise the space as much as possible.

1. Yorbay Bamboo Clothes Rails, Coat Rack on Wheels Max Load 220lbs, Free Standing Garment Hanging Rails with 6 Hooks and 3 Shleves for Dress, Pants, Shoes, Hats, Natural, 100x38x176cm, Reusable : Home & Kitchen

If you don’t have much wardrobe space, a clothes rail is a great option. This wheeled option has three shelves for shoes and t-shirts, hooks for scarves and handbags, and a dangling area for longer items, such as coats and dresses.

2. TATAY Storage Box with Lid, Under Bed, 63 Capacity, with handles, Polypropylene, BPA Free, Blue. Dimension 45 x 77 x 18 cm : Home & Kitchen

Under-bed storage boxes are great for maximising space. This wheeled container will be effortless to pull in and out from under your bed, and it has split lids for more straightforward access to your stuff.

3. SONGMICS Over-Door Storage with 4 Pockets, Wall Hanging Storage Organiser, Practical and Spacious, for Children’s Room Office Bedroom, 33.5 x 12 x 100 cm, Grey RDH04G : Home & Kitchen

Hang this organiser over your door to reserve all the bits that won’t fit in your cupboards, like your hair dryer or cosmetics. It can be hooked onto a wardrobe rail, too if you’d prefer not to hang on the back of your door.

4. Qualsen Space Saving Hangers, 4 Tier Skirt Trouser Hangers with Clips, Metal Multifunctional Hangers with Soft Adjustable Clips, 2 Pack Skirt Hangers for Pants, Slacks, Jeans, Towels, Shorts Organizer : Home & Kitchen

For trousers and skirts, these hangers can fit four items at a time.

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