Storage Solutions For A Small Kitchen

Storage solutions for a small kitchen

Less is certainly more in a modest-sized kitchen when it comes to clutter. All it takes is a few lost plates and a misplaced silverware and the space can suddenly seem more undersized.

However, having a small kitchen shouldn't stop you from making it an area that's functional, contemporary and clutter-free – you just need to get a little sleeker when it comes to storage.

This guide is filled with small kitchen storage tips to help maximise every impartial inch of your kitchen.

De-clutter old utensils

Before you even begin your storage system, now is the time to have a purge. Take a look through your cutlery, crockery and kitchen utensils group and be brutally honest; do you really need all of it? If the answer is no, we suggest getting rid of what you don’t need and donating it to a charity or maybe giving it to a friend who may need them.

Hang silverware

Brass or silver pans and other kitchen utensils such as whisks and spoons don't necessarily need to be stowed away in a drawer. Hang them above your workstation using chrome or stainless steel hooks and you have a stylish and suitable storage solution.

Corner cabinet space

Make the most of any cabinet space you have by investing in a unit that features a corner cabinet. Developed to make the most efficient use of the space, this can be the ideal place to store away secondary ceramics and other kitchen utensils that are used less repeatedly, making it an excellent piece of storage in a small kitchen.

Glass jars

Bulky sacks of sugar, rice, oats and other everyday necessities can soon fill your modest cupboard space before you know it, leaving little room for anything else.

One small kitchen storage concept is to put these items in decorative glass jars on a shelf which can turn these otherwise ordinary items into a feature wall, which can be tweaked to suit rustic or modern design.

Sharp objects storage

A worktop knife block can often be just another item cluttering up your workstation, so why not get smart with a magnetic strip along the wall to uphold them from?

Alternatively, an integrated knife block in one of your drawers keeps your knives clean and safely folded away, without taking up practical counter space, making it an excellent small kitchen storage solution.

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