The best duvet materials

No doubt, your duvet is the essence of ensuring that you get a comfortable and deep good night’s sleep. However, have you ever truly considered what might be the best material out there that ensures you feel warm at night whilst keeping your bed feeling light and airy at the same time? Well, if not, fear not, because here at Furnitureful we have decided to create this article all about the best duvet materials out there. We’ll cover what you can find out there, what the individual strengths are of certain duvets as well as where you can get them. So, what are you waiting for? Let’s get into it!

Duvet material number one: The woollen duvet

Now, the woollen duvet is the perfect duvet and epitomises comfort. As a natural material, many people fall in love with how cosy they can feel and if you aren’t too crazy about synthetic fibres being near you, a woollen duvet will, without doubt, be the perfect fit for you. Although take care if you are allergic to wool. No matter how much you may love the feel of wool it’s not worth causing your allergies to flare up unnecessarily.

Duvet material number two: The cotton encased duvet

Cotton. That wonderful and versatile material. There are so many cotton duvets out there that you’ll be simply spoiled for choice. Additionally, it's a great material because it’s breathable because of the pure and natural nature of cotton. 

Duvet material number three: The silk duvet

Now, silk has many advantages over both cotton and wool. For starters, it is great during both cold and warm weather. Furthermore, as a lighter material silk has a soothing touch in comparison to more rough materials like wool.

So, what do you think? Which material do you like best? Comment down below!

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