The Content Inside A Mattress

The content inside a mattress

Many people sleep on mattresses but have you ever thought about what a mattress is made of. What does it contain and how many layers are inside? If you want to know that it contains 3 support layers, a comfort layer, and a cover. These layers contain a variety of materials that are designed to give you a comfortable and supportive sleeping surface.

Support layer

This is the main part of the mattress; this section would give your body the support that it would need and is the main contributor to how to make the mattress firm.


Most of the mattresses would contain springs that are metal coils that are within the mattress. Which provides you support for your body in your sleep.

The main two categories of the spring systems would be those are either standard sprung systems or known are ‘open coil’ or pocket sprung systems.


Foam is also used as a support layer; it has high-density foam that is called reflex foam. As some mattresses are comprised only of foam, without springs.

Foam mattresses are a type of non-sprung mattresses, which means that they can move and turn easily. High-density nature of the foam will help prevent dust mites from setting within the mattress. The foam mattress is naturally hypoallergenic, this is a good option for people that suffer from allergies.

Comfort layer

This layer is found within the first few inches of the mattress surface. This layer that is included a variety of materials of different depths, that are designed to offer you are luxurious, cushioned sleep surface.

The materials that offer the ultimate in comfort which you can choose from are.

  • Memory foam mattress
  • Latex mattress
  • Gel-infused mattress
  • Natural mattresses such as cotton, wool, or silk.
  • White fibre mattresses such as Eco comfort mattress

As you can do more research on the materials within the comfort layer as they all have different properties and benefits.


The cover of a mattress is exactly the material that is used to cover the mattress. There are two main types of covers, damask and knitted. They are quite significant in terms of touch and functionality.

Damask covers

This cover provides a soft finish that’s extremely hard-wearing and that is made from woven materials that are often patterned. This is a popular choice that offers great breathability.

Knitted covers

Name suggest, this cover is knitted using a soft touch fabric with elasticated properties. Knitted covers are used for mattresses that include memory foam or latex. Moves when the foam moves. This type of cover offers excellent breathability.

Now that you know what the content is inside of a mattress then if you would like to know more about some properties you should do more research on them.

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