The correct colour palette: finding what suits your bedroom

Palm green and chartreuse. Mint green and grey. Midnight blue and blush pink. These are just some of the great colour schemes out there that you could use to spice up your bedroom. But what is a colour scheme? And how do you go about using it to your advantage? Today we’re going to discuss all about them and how you can apply them to your own bedroom so that you can give your room a totally new, fabulous makeover. So, without further ado, let’s get into it!

What is a colour scheme?

A colour scheme is the set of colours you’ve chosen to use in your room. This can range from modern colours such as dark grey to vibrant cobalt blue. You can choose what your colour scheme will be based on your favourite pictures in books and magazines or on what colours are already incorporated in room accessories such as rugs, pillows and duvets. 

Some great colour scheme ideas 

Below we’ve listed some colour scheme ideas that we’ve come across that we’re sure you’ll be inspired by and love:

  • Forest green and pale pink 

Matt forest green will create a beautiful and soothing bed environment which is exactly what you should be aiming for. Pink is such a pretty and light colour that will only add to the serene environment you create with these colour choices. The contrast between these two colours will ensure that the green adds some rich colour to your wall but doesn’t become too dark and depressing, hence the use of a fluffy colour like pink.

  • Soft orange and Denim blue

It’s doubtful that anyone could deny how beautiful denim blue can be and combining it with orange becomes an almost dangerous combination. Additionally, undertones of fresh white and simple stripes of colours only help to enhance the natural beautiful shades and tones of colour that arise from your room when you use a colour as versatile as blue.

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