The Differences Between Sofa Bed Mattresses And Regular Mattresses

The differences between sofa bed mattresses and regular mattresses

When considering a replacement mattress, whether it’s a daily one or one meant for the sleeper couch, there are many aspects to think about, and therefore the features you were searching for during a regular mattress don’t necessarily apply when buying a settee bed mattress. Hopefully, after reading this piece, you’ll have a clearer insight into the distinctions between these two mattresses.

Before jumping into the most parts of the article, I just wanted to underline that an everyday mattress can’t be utilised in a sleeper sofa, first of all, because a customary mattress isn’t able to be folded frequently.

Additionally, they won’t slot in the convertible frame, either, as they’re usually much thicker than a sleeper sofa mattress, which also means when the convertible isn’t being employed, a daily mattress wouldn’t be able to stay folded inside. A sofa bed mattress is much lighter than a regular mattress.

To find the maximum thickness for your sofa bed substitute mattress, measure the space between the top and the bottom of the folded form of the sofa bed at the pleat, with your old mattress still inside, and divide the distance by two. The result is the maximum thickness that your replacement hide a bed mattress can be.

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