The hottest trends in office furniture

Since the spread of the pandemic, there has been a rising wave of employees who have found that working from home is not only beneficial for them but also for their mental health and work ethic. Covid 19 has forced employers to adapt to a rapidly changing work force where people are not afraid to say what they want from work. This has led to many people converting their spare rooms and attics into the ideal home office. Now, on paper this is a great idea but the reality is that it can be easy to create an environment that is not productive for working and instead leave an employee miserable and bored in their new home office. Therefore, we’ve decided to write this blog as a means to cover all the hottest trends in office furniture that are out there so that you can design your home office to look comfortable and professional. So, what are you waiting for? Let’s get into it!

Okay, number one…

Get yourself a good quality chair (there’s nothing like freedom)

Now, that may sound obvious (of course, you're going to need somewhere to sit, right?) but it is easy to buy a low quality chair that leaves your back and shoulders aching if you’re not careful. Therefore, here at Furnitureful we’d recommend one of the top rated chairs we’ve come across is the Humanscale Freedom chair. It has generous dimensions and no complex controls. The only real drawback is that it can get quite pricey, especially if you choose to buy this chair in leather.

Aim for a desk that really suits your dynamic needs

The desk that we would definitely recommend is the Casaottima L-shaped desk. This gorgeous corner office desk leaves a person with a roomy but sophisticated feel to their office and will allow you to work comfortably from numerous screens and papers. 

So, what do you think? Could you soon be purchasing the desk or chair mentioned above? Comment down below.

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