The influence your bedroom has on mental health

You may just be viewing your bedroom as just another room, day in and day out. It’s easy to see it as that. Just one more place you rest in. A space to sleep in, that’s all. But that’s really not what it is. Have you ever considered the impact that your bedroom has on your health? Specifically, your mental health. Yep, that’s right, our bedroom’s can have a great impact on our moods as well as our sleep. This is mostly through the colours that we have used in it as well as how we use the bedroom itself (i.e. we may also use it as a game room, for example). Therefore, the impact of such things cannot be underestimated. Which is why, here at Furnitureful we have decided to write this blog in order to highlight this issue and help you see for yourselves where you're going right and where you're going wrong. We’ll highlight which colours have a positive impact on mood so that you can implement them and their benefits into your bedroom. So, what are you waiting for? Let’s get into it!

The top colours to achieve/help positive mental health

Top colour number one - sunny yellow

Whether it’s a shade ranging from pale yellow to bright gold colour, this colour is sure to uplift your mood and get you ready for the day ahead.

Top colour number two - forest green

Nature has an automatic effect of calming us so what better colour to use then calming green? Incorporate it through various ways such as your wall colours or bedroom accessories.

Top colour number three - sky blue

In the same way that greenery calms us down, blue brings about a serenity deep within us. Seeing this colour frequently will help calm you down as well as fill you with inner peace.

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