The top decorating mistakes you need to avoid

It’s that time of year again where you need to sort your bedroom out and perhaps you’ve even decided to redecorate. However, it’s really common for people to make simple mistakes during the process that can be easily avoided. So, here at Furnitureful we’ve decided to help you out by highlighting the most common mistakes people make to help you ensure that you avoid them. So, without further ado, let’s get into it. You’ll be left with a room that's just perfect for this time of year!

Mistake number one:  Using colour schemes that aren’t complementary

People are always raving about ‘oh this gorgeous pale pink colour’ or that ‘pretty blue’ however, if you don’t know the first thing about which colours you should be using you’re going to end up with a bedroom that’s difficult to look at, much less relax in. In order to end up with a colour scheme you’ll love, we recommend you keep things simple by picking one light hue, one dark hue and one bright hue of a colour for your bedroom. You can expand upon your colour with different accessories such as rugs and lamps to add contrast in your room. Think about colours that go together (like black and white, for instance) rather than trying to match a hot pink with butter yellow. If you can pull that off it would be a miracle!

Mistake number 2: No storage space

Now, talking about storage may not be the most glamorous thing, however, you can't overlook something that is practical in favour of only aesthetics. If your bedroom was never that big in the first place we recommend you find a bed that can act as a storage area as well as a place of rest. Here at Furnitureful we’re offering a fantastic grey upholstered Ottoman storage bed at an affordable price with free next day delivery if ordered before 4pm. It’s an offer that’s too good to be missed!

Mistake number 3: Only having one light source

Sure, your room might be fitted with a traditional single bulb but that won’t necessarily cater to all your individual needs. For example, we recommend you invest in separate night time lights that are soft and will be conducive to a night time environment but for the morning we’d suggest something a lot brighter. Lamps are another thing we’d suggest you check out as they are available in a range of styles and colours.

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