The ultimate guide to cabin beds

Now, maybe you've heard of cabin beds. Maybe you haven’t. Regardless, cabin beds are a bed that is only growing in popularity as the years have passed and therefore, here at Furnitureful, we’ve decided that we just have to let our readership know all about them. So, today we’re going to cover what cabin beds are, their pros and cons as well as who they're most suitable for. So, without further ado let’s get into it and cover all things cabin-bed related!

What is a cabin bed? 

A cabin bed is a type of bunk bed that is rather unique. It has a multi functional purpose as a bed because not only is it a bed but it also typically has storage space underneath that can be used. It is definitely a type of bed that makes the most of whatever bedroom space you have available for your bed.

What sizes and dimensions do cabin beds come in?

That’s the great thing about them: they are really versatile! Typically they are the size of your average single bed. However, if you can afford it there are custom made cabin bed options out here.

What are the advantages of a cabin bed?

  • There's no way to ignore this - the amount of space it gives you! Not only does it give you room to have a bed in your bedroom but it really maximises on the space-saving element too.
  • THeir cool - yep, get your kid one of these and they will love you forever (I hope!)

But what are the disadvantages

  • They’re not the only space saving option out there - for example, at Furitureful we offer a gorgeous grey upholstered Ottoman storage bed
  • They’re heavy - can you imagine trying to get one into your bedroom (yeah, even I cringe at the thought)

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