The ultimate King size bed guide

No doubt you might be getting sick and tired of your single or double bed and are considering investing in a king size bed. Well, let me tell you - you wouldn’t be the only one. If a king size bed is your next purchase or just something you're a tad curious about, we at Furnitureful are here to help guide you to find the king size bed of your dreams. You’re sure to fall in love. So, let’s dive into the world of king size beds!

What is a king size bed? 

A king size bed is the second largest bed available on the market today, coming in at a gigantic length of 200cm and a width of 150cm. Ideal for couples and singles alike, if you’re finding your current double bed a squeeze this can be a fantastic upgrade. Interested? Here at Furnitureful we’re offering a superb selection of beds, one of them being the absolutely beautiful king size grey upholstered Ottoman storage bed. With free next day delivery on orders before 4pm and a 10 year warranty, this bed is a complete steal that you can’t miss out on!

Styles and materials

Below, we’ve highlighted some of the materials that you can get your king size bed in and some key features of each of them:

Wooden Bed frames

Wooden beds are the epitome of tradition, classy design and elegance. Choose from range of woods like the traditional toned pine or oak as well as more modern tones like cherry.

Upholstered bed frames

Upholstered furniture is furniture that has been covered in fabrics that can range from soft delicate cottons to ough boucle or shiny faux leather.

Metal bed frames

If a sturdy bed frame is your main goal in mind then few can beat a metal bed frame. Metal bed frames are ideal for bunk beds and sofa beds (generally for furniture that experiences a lot of use/wear and tear).

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