Top 5 Mattress for back pain according to experts.

Top 5 mattress for back pain According to Experts. 

 How to pick the right firmness and materials for every sleeping position and budget. 

 Whether you have back pain due to injury, surgery, or something else, it can be a complete exhaustion — that pain can keep you up all night. One way to make it easier to fall asleep is to upgrade your mattress. But you may be wondering, where do you start? We found that the best mattresses for back pain have some things in common. 

First and foremost, comfort is key. Santhosh A. Thomas, DO, Associate Medical Director of the Spinal Health Center at Avon Richard E. Jacobs Medical Center, said, while finding something that minimizes pressure on points such as the back, buttocks, and shoulders... “We spend almost a third of our lives in bed, so it's important to have something that meets our needs for comfort and a good night's sleep,” he adds. 

 Also, how often do you actually need to change the mattress? Dr. Leda Gannad, MD, a kinetic medicine doctor in Rush's Midwestern Orthopedic Surgery, says there are no strict rules. "It depends on several factors, such as how often the mattress is turned, how often it is used, whether it is used daily in the room or part of the year." As a rule of thumb, buy a new mattress every 10 years. It is recommended to do. 

 So, Let’s begin our list with some of the best recommended mattresses for back pain. 

Here are the top 5 mattress recommendations for those who deal with back pain, straight from sleep and spine experts. 


                                      Best multi-layer Mattress Helix Dusk   

Details:  Helix mattresses feature multiple layers of foam of different densities to relieve pressure while the mattress fits the body. The spiral dusk is moderately firm-not too luxurious or too hard. 

Reasons to help with back pain: This mattress consists of hundreds of coils that support your body and relieve pressure where you need it most, such as your lower back and shoulders. 

Warranty: 10 years 

Trial period: 100 days 



                                    BEST FOR MUSCLE RECOVERY BEAR Original Mattress    

For less than $ 1,000 for Queen, Bear Original Mattresses offer some of the same benefits as more expensive options, while being more affordable than many other brands. And as a bonus, they think about sustainability. Made of eco-friendly material, it does not contain any heavy metals or ozone-depleting substances. 

Details: This mattress is on the solid side. This mattress consists of four different layers, including responsive and supportive foam that matches the shape of the body while dissipating excess body heat.  

Reasons to help with back pain: The mattress is woven with Celiant Infrared Yarn technology. This is a patented technology that claims that Bear converts the heat of the body, or natural energy, into infrared light and sends it back to the tissues and muscles of the body. This will help you recover faster from problems such as back pain. 


Warranty: 10 years 

Trial period: 100 days 


                BEST HYBRID MATTRESS Layla Hybrid Mattress  

Details: The mattress also has a zipper that allows you to easily remove and clean the cover, and a handle that allows you to easily turn the cover left and right. It consists of six layers, including a cooling and airy shell, copper-injected gel memory foam, and a wrap that prevents motion transmission. 

Reasons to help with back pain: The memory foam of the mattress is reinforced with copper to adjust its hardness to fit your weight. This can improve support for areas of deep pressure, such as the hips, Layla says. 


Warranty: 10 years 

Trial period: 120 days 



                                BEST FOR SUPPORTING YOUR PRESSURE POINTS   Purple Mattress 


All layers of purple mattresses are designed to help you get the best night's sleep ever.       The top cover is kept cool with a breathable fabric and the inner layer is made of durable high-density foam to give your body a cloudy feel without sinking into the mattress. 

Why it's helpful for back pain: The Purple mattress is made with a "Purple grid," which is designed to flex directly under your pressure points while still giving your body the support it needs.  

One fan who gave the mattress a 5* rating said” As a person with scoliosis, a mattress with a good medium-firm support is best for me. Purple is soft and breathable as well as just firm enough in all those pinpoint areas to relieve any aches and pains. Purple is the first mattress to genuinely relieve any of my back pain and allow a decent night’s sleep in over 15 years. I highly recommend!" 

Warranty: 10 years 

Trial period: 100 days 



Haven Lux 

 Whether it's the back, front or side sleeper, the Haven LUX hybrid mattress's 7-layer memory foam technology provides a cloud-like surface like sleeping in a luxury hotel. 

Details: The LUX layer contains a gel buoyancy foam. This is a blended foam that brands claim to be faster than traditional memory foam and provide excellent support for relieving more pressure. Bonus: Haven uses a plant-based foam, so you can reduce your carbon emissions just by sleeping in LUX. 

Reasons to help with back pain: The 14-inch-thick LUX hybrid mattress provides solid support for your back and spine. 

Warranty: Forever 

Trial period: 100 days 

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