Top 6 Joyful Ideas To Revitalise Your Living Room

Top 6 Joyful Ideas To Revitalise Your Living Room

Summer’s right on the horizon, and the restriction from the lockdown is easing out. So you can tell why so many people are especially excited for this year's summer. And after nearly two years of staring at the same four walls, it’s time for a splash of happiness all across your home. The living room is as best a place to start as any other.

Surprise everyone, even yourself

For a complete switch over to a more bright and colourful feel, for lack of a better word just completely brighten up the chosen palette. And here’s a fun fact, colourful ceilings are a current running trend and a perfect way to tie the place together. Introduce a bold pouffe to the room and mix and match with different cushions and throws in contrast to your sofas.

Be Expressive

Displaying art (or art collections) is one of the better ways to incorporate your personality into your space. Reflecting your tastes and interests in the space you surround yourself with gives people a good idea of who you are just by stepping through the door.

Introduce Natures Touch

Some form of growing greenery introduces a feeling of life to any space. So throw some plants around, either in hangers or potted. And if you find your green thumb a little lacking, don’t fret. Try introducing some plant imagery in with your wallpaper/painting, it’ll suit the goal just fine.

Get Comfy

Give yourself a soft spot in your living room, somewhere with a stuffed teddy or maybe just an assortment of pillows. When compiled having that softer area to relax really makes a world of difference.

Wait it can be squishy?

That’s right, you could get a nice squishy sofa to come back to after a long day away from home, the icing on any cake as you relax with that soft sinking feeling as the comfort just claims you for its very own.

Play Favourites

For our final and arguably most important tip, surround yourself with things that make you happy. Whether it’s a box with a cat painting on it, some fluffy pink carpet or a lava lamp. If it makes you smile keep it. It’s a sure-fire way to add a little bit of pleasure to spark your day.

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