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    Top tips for interior design

    May 18, 2022 2 min read

    It’s another chance for you to get out the paint pots and tell yourself that something else about your home now needs to be changed. As humans, our moods are constantly changing and that can be reflected in the way we feel the need to spice up the interior designs in our homes. And yet do you go all out without a plan? Or do you like to think things through methodically before committing yourself to big choices? Either way it never hurts to know a few tops tips about interior design for you before you dive right into decorating. After all, it could save you a load of tears (and money!). Therefore, we're going to cover our own top tips for interior decoration so that you don't make the same mistakes as countless others before you. So, what are you waiting for? Let’s get into it!

    Top tip 1: stylize to your individual preferences

    It’s your home. Not mine. Yours Therefore, it should reflect you and truly be a place you want to stay in and feel comfortable - not just look good.

    Top tip 2: Order samples

    Even if you think you don't like this or you don't like that. Those staples could completely change your kind and even alter your entire plans about what you THINK you wanted but actually what you really want could be completely different.

    Top tip 3: be bold

    Its easy to stick to the safe stuff even if you think you’re a creative person. Therefore, we’d recommend you splash out on some weird and wacky style, paint and fabrics so that you well and truly don't regret anything!

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