Understanding the mattresses on the market

There are a lot of different mattresses out there, with memory foam being amongst the most popular. Regardless, today we’re going to cover the different types out there so that you know which is the ideal one for you.

Mattress type number one: the memory foam mattress

This mattress is a combination of memory foam and the support of springs or support foam. It is ideal for those seeking a comfortable experience whilst sleeping and prefer a medium firm sleeping experience.

Who is best suited to have a memory foam mattress?

These mattresses are great for side sleepers who might otherwise put too much pressure on their knees and hips.

Who is best suited to have a hypoallergenic mattress?

Now, this one’s a no-brainer: this mattress is primarily aimed at those with allergies; however, it can also be great if you are sensitive to a lot of different materials. Better to be safe than sorry!

These two above are definitely the top two out there. Which do you like more? Comment down below!

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