Used Sofas

Used sofas

If you have decided to move homes or buy new furniture, then a good way to test out the furniture and find out what will work for your home is to buy used furniture. Instead of buying brand new furniture and spending potentially upwards of £1000, used furniture helps you save money and if you then decide that the sofa is for you then it can be easier to return.

Where to buy used sofas?

Furniture stores such as ‘second-hand furniture’ and ‘RS furniture’ are places you can buy used sofas. There are many reasons for buying used sofas but the main reason is to save money. You may also find that a neighbour or family member is selling a used sofa so you can go and buy one from them. There are also apps such as ‘way fair’, ‘gumtree’ and ‘eBay’ where people sell their old/used furniture, but when buying any used objects online, be careful as you won't always get what is shown to you.

How to get rid of used sofas?

There are different ways you can get rid of used sofas, you can donate them to a furniture charity shop such as ‘British heart foundation furniture and electrical’ most charity organizations have a system where if you call them to give your sofa to them, they will collect the sofa free of charge. you can sell your used sofas, and make a profit out of them or put the money towards a new sofa. This will give you the satisfaction of cleaning your house and making money. If you feel as though the sofa is too damaged and cannot be recycled or used again, you should take it to a skip.

Can used sofas be recycled?

If you want to get rid of your sofa but don’t want to add to landfills then recycling your used sofa is a great option, most recycling centres happily take in used sofas and they reuse and recycle as much as they can.

Are used sofas worth it?

Used sofas can be worth it depending on how long you are looking to keep the sofa. Buying a used sofa means it costs less than a brand new in-store sofa, however, it may come with some wear and tear, you won't get to choose the materials or designs as there are only limited choices when it comes to buying used sofas.

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