What Are Some Overbed Storage Ideas?

What are some overbed storage ideas?

What is overbed storage?

Overbed storage is storage space that sits over or on either side of your bed, rather than under your bed.

Overbed storage ideas:

Particle board – the particle is an overbed shelving unit that is lightweight and sits behind your bed. It has shelves to the side above the bed which offer some storage. This style of storage is marketed towards younger children or people who have limited space, as it only fits a twin size bed. As the unit is lightweight and the shelves are right above your head, it is suggested not to store any heavy items on these shelves for the fear that they may fall during the night and injure you.

Metal wire – this style of bed storage is also designed for twin-sized beds. This storage unit has vertical posts that are 6-7 inches in height. The metal wire unit has two wire shelves and on the sides of the units, it has adjustable cup holders that can be swivelled and metal hooks that you can hang bags on, etc. This unit is also very lightweight so it's important to be careful with what you use it for.

Over the bed cabinets – over the bed cabinets are a set of 5-6 cabinets that are fitted and built-in over your bed. This style of overbed storage offers a large amount of storage and is also a very strong and sturdy style of overbed storage which is beneficial as you can store almost anything in there.

Headboard with shelves- this style of over bed storage is also referred to as bookcase headboard. This style of storage is ideal for storing books, pictures or any other decorative pieces, it is a great additional piece to your bedroom as well as adding some extra shelving for items you might not know where to store or have no other space for.

Headboard with storage cabinet – this storage unit is designed for a full-size bed which is a UK double bed. The top board of the storage unit can be used for items such as pictures and books and items that you want to hide away, such as additional bedding or pillows you can put away in the cabinet drawers. The drawers on the storage unit are also sliding. This is ideal as swinging cabinets can sometimes be difficult to open or get to if you have other decorative pieces on your bed such as extra cushions.

Around and overbed storage shelves and cabinets – this overbed storage unit offers the best of both worlds as it has both opened shelves and closed cabinets. The doors on the cabinet units are modern with a sliding feature so it has no knobs and hardware on it which makes them very sleek and stylish.

Overbed storage cubbies – overbed storage cubbies are a great style of storage for displaying items such as pictures, books, or even handbags, and if you have children then the cubbies can be used to store dolls or action figures.

Wooden shelves with metal brackets – you can find these shelves almost anywhere, and even though they don’t hold much, they are great for holding books, pictures and decorative pieces. The shelves are a great piece for any plain wall to add something a little extra to the room.

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