What Are The Advantages And Disadvantages Of Adjustable Bed Frames

What are the advantages and disadvantages of adjustable bed frames?

An adjustable bed frame is a bed frame that can be adjusted and moved into a variety of sleeping positions. Adjustable electric beds are built with two or more hinges that control the motor, which allows the different parts of the bed to either be raised or lowered separately.   

Benefits of an adjustable bed:

Improved comfort-Electric adjustable bed frames offer improved comfort in comparison to standard bed frames. You experience this enhanced because of the customization that the electric bed frame provides you with. Sleepers can adjust the bed frame to an ascent of 30-45 degrees, which majority of individuals seem to find increasingly comfortable than lying flat against the mattress. 

Pain relief- One of the most important benefits that the electric adjustable bed frame offers is that they are able to deliver pain relief from conditions such as arthritis and sciatica. As individuals are able to alter the sleeping position of an electric bed to their preferred angle, they are able to sleep in a position that alleviates the pressure from painful areas of the body.

Independence- The electric adjustable bed offers a sense of independence which is important older people this is because adjustable beds aid in decreasing pain and increasing mobility. The outcome of this will help to increase the mental well-being of individuals who were lacking independence in their day to day lives. Senior people and people who experience chronic pain disorders will feel a sense of empowerment just from the support the electric adjustable bed will provide to their pain and mobility.   

Fight against snoring- Sleeping with a snorer can affect the quality of your sleep this is because it makes it harder to fall asleep as it is loud and a disturbance. Electric adjustable beds help to fight against snoring issues by elevating the top half of the bed, which allows the airways to open entirely. Snoring takes place when the soft tissues of the throat start to sag this happens when a person is falling asleep, triggering deafening rumble sounds. When you sleep with the bed elevated it aids in fighting impacts of gravity which allows the tissues of the throat, so they don’t start to sag downwards, impeding the airways. 

Improved quality of sleep- Electric adjustable bed frames enhance sleep quality by allowing for a sleep that is not disturbed this helps individuals who suffer from muscle or joint pains. When you are using a standard bed frame, you are only able to sleep in the straight sleeping position, which can cause a constant bad night’s sleep. This is because you will be constantly moving around to try and decrease pressure on sore spots. When you have an adjustable bed frame, you can elevate either the top or bottom end of the bed and decrease pressure from painful areas, which will improve the quality of sleep.

Disadvantages of an adjustable bed:

Incompatible with existing mattress- If you do end up purchasing an adjustable bed frame, you will also need to then purchase a new mattress that is compatible with the bed frame. This means you will have to get rid of the mattress you currently have. 

More expensive- The adjustable bed frames are more expensive than the standard bed frames this is because of the number of benefits the electric bed frames offer which consequently increases the price tag too. 

Variants in quality- Similarly to any technology you may purchase, there are also variants in the quality of adjustable bed frames, this includes the quality of the mattress and quality of the motor used.  The changes in quality shouldn’t prevent you from purchasing an electric adjustable bed, it just makes it increasingly difficult to find the right bed.

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