What Are The Benefits and Negatives Of A Divan Bed?

What are the benefits and negatives of a divan bed?

What is a divan bed?

A divan bed is a bed that is made from a wooden construction, that is then covered from top to bottom in soft wadding and lastly wrapped in upholstered fabric.

Benefits and negatives of a divan bed:

Over the last few years, the divan bed has massively increased in popularity and the number of purchases made on this style of bed has skyrocketed. The old outdated beds where the headboards don’t even match the base of the bed are old news. These new divan beds are modern, sleek and stylish.


Divan beds are a very practical style of bed as they come with built-in storage facilities. Divan beds can come with up to four storage drawers that are built into the bed. This extra storage space will aid you in keeping your bedroom clean, tidy and most importantly organised. It is a known fact that the more storage space you have the more organised you can be, this is because each item will have its own designated place to go.

Divan beds also help to maximise your storage space. The divan bed helps to maximise your storage space by freeing up space in other places such as your wardrobe. It does this by enabling you to move items that you have previously stored in your wardrobe that might not be used daily into the storage drawers that are in the divan bed. This will then free up wardrobe space for you which will be beneficial and very convenient as you can store more day-to-day items in there such as clothes, shoes etc.

Divan beds are also a very good option if you are limited on space in your bedroom. This is because the divan bed is frameless, and the mattress sits directly on top of it. This is perfect as there is no bed frame that is taking up all the space and floor space is extremely valuable.

The divan bed is perfect for any bedroom no matter the style and décor this is because the bed comes in a range of different sizes, colours and fabrics. This makes the bed entirely customisable as everything is down to you and you can design the bed to be to your liking.

The last benefit which is music to everyone's ears is that the bed is very easy to assemble. The divan bed won't take you hours to assemble as it is very straightforward and simple.


There aren't nearly as many negatives for this bed as there are positives, which is always a good sign.

The first negative is that the divan bed is quite bulky. This is because the divan bed comes in two premade box bases, so the bed can be bulky for small spaces such as lofts or very small apartments.

The bed makes it very difficult to clean this is because the bed is very low so there is no space to vacuum or clean underneath. The only way to get around this problem is to move the whole bed and that isn't easy or convenient.

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