What Are The Benefits Of Latex Mattresses?

What are the benefits of latex mattresses?

Latex mattresses are increasingly famous for their revolutionary comfort and durability. They are also associated with eco-friendly methods and improved sleep health. However, not all latex mattresses carry these advantages.

So how do you choose the best latex mattress for you, or know if latex mattresses are right for you at all? Well, that’s where we help, within this article we’ll help you understand the different types of latex mattresses and what are the benefits of them too.

Types of latex mattresses

Let’s get into the different types of latex mattresses, they are Natural, Dunlop, Talalay, Synthetic and Blended.

What are the benefits of latex mattresses?

The benefits of latex mattresses are they are pain-relieving. The gentle cushioning on the latex mattresses is beneficial for sleepers who have joint and back pain.

Latex mattresses have a light contouring which provides pressure relief near an individual’s joints and lower back, while also maintaining natural spinal alignment by supporting lighter areas such as the back and neck.


If a mattress is not frequently cleaned, microorganisms, such as bacteria, fungi, and viruses can easily collect on the top of the mattress and cause mould, decay, and dust mites. This results in bedroom allergies and a dangerous sleeping environment.

However, latex is naturally antimicrobial, suggesting it repels harmful microorganisms, making latex an awesome choice for people with year-round allergies or anyone too tight on time to sanitise their mattress.


Natural latex is distilled from the liquid of the rubber tree. The trees are not cut down or harmed during this process and can produce liquid for up to 30 years. Therefore, the processing of latex mattresses promotes tree growth and is extremely tolerable. Natural latex is also biodegradable, providing it won’t sit in a dump for years.

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