what are the different sizes of sofa beds?

What are the different sizes of sofa beds? 

There are many different sizes of sofa beds as there is a range of sizes in beds. 
Sofa beds are versatile and they make a great addition to the guest bedroom or living room.  
Especially when you are working within a smaller space where there isn’t enough space for a spare room it’s better to have a sofa bed as they don’t take up much space and they are budget friendly too. 
At Furnitureful we only use the best quality materials which are great for the body structure and for entertainment too. The benefit of a sofa bed is that you can enjoy a sofa bed as a sofa as well as a bed. 
All our sofa bed ranges have been designed to complement the interior of your home without any hassle. Our sofa beds have been made to give you extra sleeping space to your living room for your guests when they come round.  
Also, we specify our Furnitureful mattresses are comfortable with deep mattresses and special springs and foam which will support your body while your guests sleep easily. To check out our range of mattresses in a variety of sizes, styles etc visit: https://www.furnitureful.com/collections/our-mattresses-range  
The different types of sofa beds 
Single sofa beds- Single sofa beds are a fancy way of saying an armchair sofa bed, these are an ultimate saver when it comes to space in your small home. These are great options for when you want to sit back and relax and read a book curled up. However, a single sofa bed can also, turn into a comfortable single bed for your guests when needed. 
2 seater sofa beds- 2 seater sofa beds are perfect for a small living room and they are also, perfect for bigger bedrooms within your home, for when your kids want to have a sleepover. 
3 seater sofa beds- Did you know that a standard sofa size is 3 seater? No, well it is a standard sofa size and the advantage of this is that it can be merged into your home office or even into your living room in the centre as a centrepiece. 
Corner sofa beds- Corner sofa beds provide space optimisation; making the most of your unused corners, where art will not look pretty. As well as this, corner sofa beds offer multifunctionality with a sleeping area for overnight guests.  

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