What are the different types of bed frames?

What are the different types of bed frames?

A bed frame or a bedstead is the section of the bed that is designed to position the bed base, the flat part of the frame directly supports the mattress. The bed frame could also prevent the mattress from sliding sideways, and some bed frames might even include addition support for a canopy above

There are three main bed frame types, and these are:

1. Box spring bed frames- The box spring bed frames are built with a solid base which allows them to provide further support. The box spring bed frames lifts your mattress higher which helps it feel more luxurious rather than just keeping up with wooden slats. This bed frame can also help to increase the longevity of the mattress as they stop it from sagging in the centre. The one disadvantage of this bed frame is that they are known to be the most expensive kind of bed frame. 

2. Low platform bed frames- The low platform bed frames come with wooden slats or a lattice to support your mattress. They are closer to the ground than box spring mattress are and are likely to be more affordable. Low bed frames are also very easy to set up and move around.

3. Adjustable bed frames- The adjustable bed frames are the least popular type of bed frame. This bed frame enables you to adjust your sleeping position by using a button that allows you to raise or lower your feet and head.  Generally, you will have to then buy your mattress from the same manufacturer as the bed frame this is because everything is extremely customised. 

There are a few things to consider when choosing you bed frame and these include:

Does the frame have a headboard? 

Majority of bed frames do come with headboards that are already build-in, usually made from wood and metal and on some cases padding for comfort. These headboards give your room a luxurious vibe which emulates the feeling of being in a hotel room. They also allow you to have something to lean against when watching tv or reading a book etc. You can buy headboards after you have purchased the bed frame but its better for your bank balance to buy a bed frame that comes with headboard. 

Does it have storage?

The bed that has built in storage are called ottoman beds, which is an important factor to consider if you don’t have much storage space around your home. 

Will it fit your mattress?

You need to make sure that the bed frame and your mattress size match. Although, majority of mattress come in standard sizing, there are some differences depending the on the brand sizing, so it’s important for you to measure your mattress before you buy your bedframe.

Which is the better option a wood bed frame or a metal bed frame?

The main thing to consider when you are choosing between a metal bed frame or a wooden bed frame and that is the noise it makes. Metal bed frames are more likely to start creak somewhere down the line no matter how strong or well-made they are. However, wooden beds will most likely not make any noise.

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