What are the most durable bed slats out there?

You'll definitely know all about bed slats if you’re interested in beds/ buying a new bed. But what are bed slats? How durable are they? Which type is best? Based on the bed base type you have, your sleeping experience can be totally changed. 

What are bed slats?

Bed slats form the support of your bed base and are placed below your mattress. Bed slats are rows of wood that run across the base of your bed and help support your mattress. They can be made from a variety of materials such as oak and pine or even metal in more modern beds such as bunk beds.

What are solid slats?

Solid slats are usually made from harder wood, they create a firmer sleeping experience ideal for all ages. Additionally, they are more durable in contrast to sprung slats which are usually made from cheaper woods such as pine.

What are sprung slats?

Sprung slats, on the other hand, provide a more cushioned experience. They are similar to springs in that they bend and arch upwards which act as a form of shock absorption for the mattress.

The million dollar question: how durable are bed slats?

Most bed slats are pretty durable because they have to carry the weight of both the sleeper and the mattress. Additionally, they are usually made from strong woods such as oak to ensure that they can bear weight securely.

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