What Bed Frame For Memory Foam Mattress?

What bed frame for memory foam mattress?

The next big thing after purchasing your mattress, is to buy a bed frame. There are many different types of bed frames -each bed frame is designed specifically for different mattress. So, what bed frame is best for a memory foam mattress?

Bed frames for memory foam and pocket spring memory foam mattresses

Below is a list of the best bed frames you can use for memory foam mattress. What makes a good base for memory foam mattresses is a foundation that is firm and ventilated. This is because we don’t want something that gives too much as it can result in sagging, poor sleeping posture, and a discomforting and unsupportive sleep. We want good ventilation so the mattress can breathe, and air out so it doesn’t retain humidity, dust mites, bed bugs or bacteria.

Best bed frames have slats, and can be made of: 

  • Wood
  • Metal
  • fabric

The type of bed frames: 

1. Slatted or solid

When it comes to memory foam, the best option would be slatted or solid foundation as the gaps allow air circulation and ventilation, allows mattress to release moisture, allows memory foam mattress to breath and properly supported. The gaps should be no more than 2.75 inches apart between the slats so that the memory foam mattress can be properly surfaced on top with support. Memory foam mattresses are very heavy, so the slats should be posited correctly for stability and support.

This type of bed frame with slatted frame may feel more comfortable than platform bed!

2. Platform beds

The next option for memory foam mattress can be platform mattress- these are also compatible and a good choice for memory foam mattresses because they contain slats that are evenly spaced, durable, solid and have many great features such as storage drawers, headboards and look decorative. Assure that the slats are correctly spaced: they should be 3 inches apart. 

3. Ottoman

An ottoman bed is also another great bed frame to use on a memory foam mattress because they are lightweight and can be lifted easily. Ottoman beds are solid, sturdy and can come in sprung or solid slats. When choosing, it may be best to go for a slatted base for ottoman so that the mattress can be ventilated and offer a cooler sleep.

4. Adjustable Bases

Because memory foam mattresses are flexible, they are suitable to go on adjustable beds. So, they can bend and move without breaking, unlike innerspring mattresses, as long as the manufacturer or retailer has said the mattress is okay to use on it.

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