What Bed Frame For Tempurpedic Mattress?

What Bed Frame For Tempurpedic Mattress?

Bed frames! Just like the wide availability of many types of mattresses and the stressful hunt to find the correct one that comes with it, bed frames are also similar in that matter. There is a wide selection of bed frames – so when it comes to tempurpedic mattresses, what bed frame can you get? Before we get into what bed frames that are suitable for Tempurpedic mattress, let’s start off with that they are…

What are Tempurpedic mattresses? 

A Tempurpedic mattress is a mattress company which uses ‘Tempurpedic foam’ that has different density forms. The Tempurpedic mattress brand owns the research, development, and discovery of memory foam, which makes them the original pioneers of the famous NASA discovery of memory foam, where they developed aircraft seat cushioning for space missions. You may think that memory foam mattresses are Tempurpedic, and technically they partially are, but this company has their own unique formula that’s marks them distinctly as Tempurpedic, one ingredient being ‘viscoelastic polyurethane ‘. But like memory foam they have similar qualities: contours to the body, pressure relief, bounce back to its original position when pressure is lifted, and is heat and pressure sensitive.

What bed frame?

When it comes to tempurpedic mattresses, there are many types of bed frames that would be suitable. But the overarching rule is that, as said by Tempur manufacturers, bed frames that are best for tempur mattresses are ones that are non-spring frames, sturdy, flat and wooden.  It’s also important that the frame allows adequate ventilation too which protects the mattress from moisture (mould, dust mites and allergens) as of air circulating. 

Suitable bed frames: 

  • Slatted base, or slatted frames
  • Platform bed 
  • Flat foundations
  • Platform beds
  • Adjustable beds.
  • Ottoman 
  • Divan

When purchasing a bed frame, it must be suitable for Tempur mattress – so check the label and with the retailer/manufacturer if it is suitable. 

Unsuitable bed frames: 

  • An old box spring
  • An old bed base 
  • An unlevel bed 

Bed frames must be good quality, level and strong so that it can hold and support the tempur mattresses as they are quite heavyweight. If you use an unsuitable bed frame, or one that is old, it may cause damage to the mattress, and you won feel supported or comfortable in your sleep.

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