What Bed is Bigger than a Super King?

What bed is bigger than a super king?

There are only 3 bed sizes available to buy that are bigger than a supper king. That is the Emperor and Caesar beds. These are beds that must be specially made to order. This is because the not many companies sell an Emperor and Caesar bed as a standard item in their stores or websites. Also, they must have people that can get a Caesar or Emperor beds into the room you want. This is due to the size of the beds they do not fit through a normal door. You will have to have massive doors, a hole in your wall big enough or some how fit the mattress through a couple of windows that have been taken off in advance. 

In terms of size the emperor bed is 1 foot wider than regular super king size bed. If you want an even wider mattress the Caesar mattress is 2 feet wider than a super king bed. Both beds are 200cm in length.

What is the largest size bed you can buy?

The largest bed you can buy is the Alaskan king bed. This is so huge you can fit multiple people on the bed and still sleep comfortably. This bed measures as a square. The measurements are 108x108 inches or 9 feet by 9 feet. Even if you are over 2 meters tall you will have no issues stretching out on an Alaskan king bed.

What is a Texas king size bed? 

A Texas king size bed is 2 feet wider than a regular king size bed. So, if you want or need a mattress bigger than a king size bed but don’t want a mattress as big as an emperor as example the Texas king mattress could be a good choice for you.

Is a California king bigger than a king?

A California king is only slightly bigger than a king size mattress. A California king is slightly less wide than a king bed by 4 inches but is longer in length by 4 inches. California king is  72x84 inches, were as 76x80 inches.

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