What Bed sizes And Mattress Sizes Are There?

What bed sizes and mattress sizes are there?

There are many bed sizes and mattress sizes and you will be able to find them at any mattress store, the problem will be finding the perfect one for you. Although it can be a difficult task, it will be worth it in the end. To help you out here is some information on some mattresses.


Dimension- 90 x 190 cm

Single beds are made for adults but they are offend brought for kids and teenagers. they are suitable for small rooms and help maximise them. 

Small double: 

Dimension- 120 x 190 cm

A small bed is suitable for those who want to maximise their bedroom, although it can be the same as a single bed, a small double is wider and allows more space to move around which helps to offer comfort. It is suitable for two people to sleep on a small double bed comfortably as well as optimising room space.


Dimension- 135 x 190cm 

A double bed is the most common, it helps people get a comfortable sleep. It also gives them the space they need. It is also suitable for anyone to sleep on. 


Dimension- 150 x 200 cm

A King-sized mattress is one of the widest mattresses out there, most of the time they are made so that families can sleep together for example if kids want to sleep next to their parents they can do so with a king-size mattress. The King-sized mattress also offers great comfort and support and is great for bigger people. 

Super King: 

Dimension- 180 x 200 cm

One of the main differences between a super king and a king-sized mattress is that it is a few inches wider. It offers the ultimate comfort and is the biggest size available. However, when looking into buying this mattress you should take into consideration the room size as most super king mattresses fake up a lot of space leaving little to no space in the bedroom to move around in.

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