What does your bed making say about you?

The way that we all make our beds in the morning (or afternoon..) is relative to each person. Some make it part of their daily routine to have a completely dressed bed with not a sheet left untucked. On the other hand, others are not that bothered as long as no one enters their room and questions them! Whichever type of bed maker you are, you will be surprised to know that there is a lot the look of your bed says about you, whether this is your main bed or even the sofa bed in the spare room, read on to find out more!

Military-style bed

  • Your sheets are pulled so tautly that a penny could bounce off of them
  • Your bed is finished with hospital corners 
  • Nothing is out of position by a centimetre.
  •  There isn't a single throw or scatter cushion in sight
  • Every bed linen is starched and ironed.

If this is your bed you are likely to be someone who prefers to be in charge of your surroundings and you dislike surprises. You are likely to be a creature of habit who prefers things done quickly and well, with no extraneous details.

Colour coordinated bed 

  • Your bed most likely looks like something out of a catalogue. 
  • You purchased your matching bedding, sheet, throw, scatter cushions, and full bedroom furniture set from the same store. 
  • Your bed is designed in the exact same way that you saw from the Pinterest image you saved, right down to the way the blanket is folded.

If this is your bed you likely require a lot of help making judgments and you find it difficult to trust your gut. However, once you commit, you commit completely, implying that you are incredibly reliable.

Dreamland bed 

  • You likely have a spread duvet at the head of the bed
  • The bed is dressed elegantly with a tossed throw, and several beautiful, plump pillows. 
  • Your bed frame is encrusted with fairy lights, and the room has a warm, lived-in vibe.
  • You likely have a Pastel colour theme 

If you sleep in a bed like this, you're a true romantic who enjoys nothing more than a comfortable lie-in with your partner. You're a sensitive person who isn't scared to express or talk about your feelings. You're a fantastic buddy, but your free-spirited temperament could lead to you being exploited.

Never enough pillows type of bed 

  • You likely have a large number of pillows that are stacked on top of each other making it difficult to climb into bed. 
  • Your bed appears like it was made for royalty, with a variety of textures to choose from, like velvet, silk, faux fur, Egyptian cotton, and so on. 
  • You enjoy luxurious beds such as upholstered ottoman beds and four-poster beds.

If this is your bed, you're a true connoisseur of the finer things in life. You'll only buy the best, whether it's a bottle of wine or a loaf of bread. You are outgoing and generous, and you live life to the fullest. You enjoy socialising, but you frequently arrive late because you were unable to keep track of time while attempting to find the perfect attire.

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