What Fabric Is Best To Sleep In?

What fabric is best to sleep in?

A lot of us find it difficult to fall asleep at night and there could be a lot of factors that contribute to this. People usually assume the main cause of their restless nights is either the temperature of the room or the firmness of the mattress being not quite right, but no one ever thinks that the fabric they are using to sleep in could also be affecting their beauty sleep.

The best fabrics to sleep in:


Silk is a very luxurious fabric and, for some people, there is no other fabric worth talking about when it comes to bedding. They just love the soft and smooth feel of the silk fabric as they toss and turn throughout the night. Silk is an all-natural fabric that has distinctive thermal regulation effects. Silk is amazing at keeping you cool when it is too hot and keeping you warm when the temperature is too cold. The negative of silk is that it is an expensive fabric that can only be cleaned by dry cleaning, so it is very high maintenance.


Cotton is a cost-effective and all-natural fabric and 100% cotton is the best option for bedsheets as well as pyjamas. If you purchase a high-quality cotton that has a high thread count, the fabric will be soft and light. The negative of cotton is that it does have any insulation and it does not absorb moisture.


Bamboo is the best fabric for absorbing moisture, so if you are a person who sweats a lot whilst they sleep then bamboo bed sheets will be the perfect option for you. Bamboo is a 100% natural fabric which is amazing at absorbing moisture as well as being soft and smooth too. Bamboo is also biodegradable so you can just throw it away once it is worn out.

No fabric

This is not an ideal way to sleep for most, but there are many benefits of going to sleep without any bed sheets or even clothes. If your room is at the perfect temperature and isn't too cold, then sleeping naked is the best option to regulate your body temperature whilst you are sleeping. Obviously, when you are feeling warm at night it is much easier to adjust or remove your bedding than change your pyjamas, and eventually, you will find yourself readjusting or removing the blanket without thinking about it to help regulate your body temperature.

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