What Happens When a Mattress is Too Soft?

What happens when a mattress is too soft?

Everyone generally prefers a soft mattress because generally the softer the mattresses are the more comfortable it is but there is a certain amount of firmness that every mattress requires. A firm mattress will give the ideal support that your body needs and will make sure that your spin stays correctly aligned. Each person will have a different opinion on what the ideal firmness of a mattress should be, body type and sleeping positions contribute to this too. When a mattress is too soft it can cause problems such as aches, pain, and a sluggish feeling from the little sleeping you will be receiving each night. There are ways on how you can tell if your mattress is too soft. 

There are 6 ways that can help you tell if your mattress is too soft:

1.If you are waking up with persistent backaches after you have just had a long sleep that could indicate something is wrong with your mattress. A mattress that is too soft will make you feel as if you are sinking in to the mattress and this will then cause you spine to ache whilst you are sleeping. Tenacious morning backaches is a signal that your mattress is too soft to correctly support your body.   

2.If you are experiencing sleeping discomfort, for example if you are continuously tossing and turning during the night and find it difficult to have a comfortable sleep, this maybe an indication to check if your mattress is too soft. If you are being forced to regularly adjust your position in bed that is a hint that your mascles are not at ease. A soft mattress could be the cause of this, and it could also lead to other ailments such as insomnia. 

  1. if you choose to sleep on your stomach, then you probably wake up with unceasing neck and shoulder pains in the morning, this will give you an idea if your mattress is firm enough or too soft. Sleeping on your stomach affects the strain that is being put in your neck and upper back. If the pain is a constant thing, you feel every morning when you wake up. Then your hips could be sinking to deep in to the mattress this happens when the mattress is too soft. 
  2. If you experience trouble getting in and out of bed, then you could be sinking to deep into the mattress and causing your body to ache. Getting in and out of bed should never be an issue that you must face and when this does become an issue and you start to feel stuck and find it difficult to get out of bed then that’s your sign to check your mattress. This reveals that your mattress does not have the firmness that is requires and this could be a problem. 
  3. if you can feel the bottom layer of your mattress then this a problem. A quality mattress usually has three layers or even more. The first top layer is to provide comfort, the second layer is a transitional layer, and the bottom layer gives support. The top two layers are there to ensure your body is comfortable and they are made to fit the curves of your body. When using this mattress, you should never feel the bottom layer, if you do then it means your mattress is too soft or worn out. 
  4. If you are feeling sluggish throughout the day then the reason for this could be your mattress being too soft. It is important that a person gets around 7-8 hours of sleep a night and if you feel sluggish and draggy during the day then that shows you aren’t receive the recommended amount of sleep your body needs to function. A mattress that is too soft will affect the quality of sleep you are getting, and this will then impact your whole day. 

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