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    April 11, 2022 1 min read

    What Happens When Bed Sores Turn Black?

    Bed sores are ulcers that occur when areas of the skin are put under pressure from  lying in bed, prolonged usage of casts or sitting within a wheelchair. The earlier stages of the condition features unbroken but discoloured skin with tenderness or irritation being common.

    As the sore progresses, the skin reddens and begins to swell, often with blisters and open areas. At its third stage, the ulcer deepens into the skin, forming a crater-like shape.

    The wound blackens at the next stage, the ulcer itself reaching deeper through fat and toward bone. The blackened scabbing is referred to as Eschar. Eschar can be crusty or fluid-filled. Although typically black in colouring, it can vary from brown or tan. Though alarming to see, advanced Eschar is typically a sign of healing from a bed sore. It’s recommended to speak with your GP upon spotting any of the above listed symptoms. 

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