What Is a Body Pillow?

What Is a Body Pillow? 

A body pillow is bigger than your standard pillow yet most of them are smaller than a bed pillow, a body pillow is an oversized cushion that is usually used by someone who is a side sleeper, to help them sleep during the night all while providing them with pain relief and comfort.   

A body pillow can provide you with the comfort and sleep you deserve. Body pillows offer support where it’s needed most because of their length and shape. While pregnancy is no longer one of the only times people might use a body pillow, it’s valid to say that each will benefit from the comfort and support of a body pillow. A body pillow is a great pillow to help you stay in a good alignment while you sleep. It provides support and comfort to your entire body, including your neck, back, head and hips.  

If you're wondering how an oversize pillow can help you sleep here are some things that may be of benefit to you: 

  • Body pillows were designed to help you better align your spine while you sleep and to take pressure off of the sensitive point in your body. 
  • They are usually a made in a long rectangular shape so that you can place it between your knees whilst you sleep putting less pressure on your pine, and this shape makes it easier for you to hug it while going to sleep.  
  • A body pillow stops you from rolling into a less advantageous sleeping position. 
  • This pillow helps stabilise your head at a good height.  
  • A body pillow also helps keep your neck and spine at its natural alignment. 

You are able to get the benefits that a body pillow has to offer despite your sleeping positions as they have so many other benefits these are just some of the main ones that have been listed above.

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