What Is A Bookcase Headboard?

What is a bookcase headboard?

What is a bookcase bed?

A bookcase bed is a bed that has a closed side unit that can be utilized as a bookcase or shelf or even to display décor items. Bookcase beds can help to make your room look more luxurious and can provide the room with a centrepiece that draws everyone's attention. A bookcase bed is a bed that has a headboard that is fitted with shelves to resemble a bookcase and some bookcase beds can also have a bookcase at the footboard of the bed too.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of a bookcase headboard?


  • If you are a book lover, the bookcase headboard will be perfect for you as it will allow you display your books where everyone can see them rather than storing them away somewhere they won’t be seen. Books can be used for great focal pieces of the bedroom as they will attract the eye and interest certain individuals. 
  • A bookcase bed is also a great option not just for displaying books but for displaying any items you choose. So, if you have some fun and interesting décor pieces then you can display these using the shelves on the bookcase headboard, these shelves can be used for pretty much anything.
  • Also, majority of bookcase beds are made from solid wood so they will be beautifully crafted and will provide your bedroom with a luxurious ambience and will set a beautiful vibe in the bedroom also.  
  • Disadvantages-

  • A disadvantage of a bookcase bed is it will take up a lot of space in the bedroom but won’t store as much as an ottoman bed would. Bookcase beds can look beautiful they don’t store as much as their only storage compartments are the shelves that are built into the headboard whereas an ottoman bed would provide ample storage space. This is because you have to use the gas lift hydraulic to lift up the ottoman bed and when you do this you will uncover a great deal of storage space that is hidden away underneath the mattress. 
  • Another disadvantage of a bookcase bed is that is more difficult to assemble than a standard bed would be as it has more parts to put together and will also be more time consuming too as it will take longer to construct the bookshelf especially if there is a bookcase on either side of the bed, the headboard and the footboard.
  • A bookcase bed also isn’t ideal for transporting as it can’t be easily dismantled into three pieces as a standard bed would. The bed won’t be able to fit through the door or through and down the stairs which will make it challenging for an individual who likes to move around a lot. If you are this kind of person, I would suggest you go for a more standard style of bed as it will be more convenient for you when you are moving and do want to transport the bed.

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