What Is A Double Sized Bed?

What is a double sized bed?

How big is a double bed?

A double bed size is a bed that measures to 54 inches in width and 75 inches in length. The double bed also provides plenty of legroom for anyone under 6 feet 4, if you are taller than this I would suggest perhaps opting for a queen or even a king sized bed. This bed is enough room for a single adult sleeper, the bed space on a double bed is spacious and roomy if only one person is using the bed to sleep in. A double bed is a confusing concept to most as the name insinuates that the bed is designed to be used by two people, though that is not the case. A double bed is designed for one person, it is the perfect medium sized bed and fits right in between the single bed and the queen sized bed

Who should purchase a double bed?

A double bed can be purchased by anyone but ideally, it should be bought for a single sleeper, whether that is an adult, a teenager, or a child. The double bed is perfect for anyone who is currently using a single bed but feels as if they need some additional bed space. Though the double bed is designed for a single person, the double bed is mostly purchased by couples. The double bed can accommodate two people but it will be cramped and quite a squeeze for most. When purchasing a double bed or any bed in fact you should look at your own weight and physical size and then use that to determine which bed would be the perfect fit for you. The Queen sized mattress is an ideal bed for couples or more than one person sharing a bed, as it provides enough bed space for each individual and if you are a taller individual I would even suggest going for the king size bed so you can have enough room to stretch your legs out.

The double bed is also a great choice of bed for young children as it will be an investment. This is because they will be able to use the bed all the way into their adult life as the best is designed for a single adult sleeper and because of this it will never start to feel cramped, however, this will also depend on their height and weight too. Whereas, if you purchase a single bed for you child as they grow into their teenage years the bed will start to feel small and cramped and you will need to purchase them a new bed, most likely a double sized bed.

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