What Is A Fabric Bed?

What is a fabric bed?

A fabric bed is a bed that has had its bed frame upholstered using a soft material. there are many different types of fabric beds such as leather chenille and also velvet and suede. fabric beds come in a variety of different sizes and colours making the options out there endless.

A fabric bed will normally have decorative features such as embroidery on its finishing. These give the bed an elegant feel to the bed.

Fabric beds usually come in lots of different materials such as cotton velvet leather.


This is the cheapest choice of material, and because of this, it is extremely common to find cotton fabric beds. Cotton is durable as well as comfortable and soft. Fabric beds that are cotton are prone to fading over time and this will make this bed a poorer option if you’re looking for longevity. This is one of the most affordable options.


A fabric bed made out of silk is usually put in a master bedroom. This is because this fabric bed has an elegant feel. This fabric bed, however, is more expensive and not as affordable as the other kinds of materials.


Silk and linen are very similar, however, linen is a lot more common than silk, because it is all more affordable than the material silk.

But linen just like silk is usually placed in the master bedroom as this type of material will stain easily and will be prone to getting wrinkles.


This material is one of the best materials to get if you’re looking for durability. This is because leather is very resistant to scratches and stains which makes cleaning it very easy as well. This is not the most affordable but is a great investment to make.


Wood is a durable material. It’s great if you’re looking for a material that will keep you warm with barely any upkeeping needed. It’s also very affordable.


Velvet is a material that is very luxurious and feels great. Velvet is more stain-resistant and more durable than other luxurious materials such as silk. It’s not the most affordable, but if you're willing to spend a little more for a more luxurious look, this will be the material for you.

These are some of the materials that fabric beds come in. Whether you want cotton, wool, linen, leather, silk, or even a velvet fabric bed will depend on what is important to you.

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