What Is A Good Size Mattress For Kids?

What is a good size mattress for kids?

It is what most people are not getting enough of, and it can be a touchier subject for families with little ones. As bedtime tantrums can often disturb our nighttime routine. 

As kids grow, regular and quality sleep is especially important for their healthy development. Whatever the age that will help them sleep through the night is finding the right mattress for the bed. There are many different types and when deciding it can be overwhelming to work out which is the best.  

Well, you know that children will need more sleep as they grow and develop,  but how much is enough. There could be poor side effects if the children do not sleep such as tantrums and outbursts, heightened emotions, and difficulty concentrating.  

There are many best mattresses for a child here are a few examples where I  will explain the pro and cons of each of them.

Spring or open coil mattress 

The open coil mattress is made up of wire coil and makes a decent quick fix,  which is cheap and cheerful. However, it can be uncomfortable over time with every use, the mattress will become sagging quicker and will develop an irritating squeak. But with little one’s squeaky springs are best avoided.  

Pocket spring mattresses 

The next from open coil mattress is pocket sprung mattress that is made from individual springs that are enclosed in their own fabric pocket. This mattress will provide better and more targeted support for the different parts of the body.  

Latex mattress 

The latex mattress is often chosen for its hypoallergenic properties and eco-friendly credential. However, this mattress can be more on the expensive side.  But this mattress would be great for children that suffer from allergies, also not going to be so great if you are on a budget.  

Memory foam mattresses 

The memory foam mattress can mould into the shape of your body, this will help you maintain a natural spinal alignment and also provide pressure relief. This mattress is also made to be long lasting and is so worth the investment! 

Memory foam will be a great choice if your child tosses and turns throughout the night as this mattress also has a movement absorption ability.  

Hybrid mattress 

This hybrid mattress is a combination of two or more types of mattresses in one. It combines the pocket springs with the memory foam comfort layers. As the hybrid mattress can solve a range of sleeping problems.  

So, what is the best type of mattress for kids? 

Here are the main factors buying a mattress for a kid or baby is about which you should think. 

Mattress size  

Standard mattress size for babies and children  

Cot mattress

D- W60 X L120 x D10  

This is the standard size cot mattress that are designed for babies.  Cot bed mattress 

D- W69 X L139 X D10  

This is perfect for babies and small toddlers. This cot mattress is designed to fit  a lager cot bed

Small single size mattress 

D- 76 X 190cm  

This mattress fits a small bed for small children, which is great for kids that are  just out from toddlerhood.  

Single size mattress 

D- 90 x 190cm  

A single mattress that will be suitable in beds for growing children and teens. 

Small double size mattress  

D- 120 x 190cm  

This mattress is suitable in beds for teenagers or children that would like some  extra room. This small double mattress can provide a stretching space for a  more comfortable night sleep.  

Double size mattress 

D- 135 x 190cm  

When having a larger room, a single bed would look out of place or you must share a bed with a sibling. But you can treat your older child or teenager to a  luxurious sleeping experience, so a double mattress for their bed would be a  great choice.  

The firmness of the mattress depends on the way your kids sleep. But if you would like to know then generally a medium-soft or medium-firm would work well for most children. This provides a good balance between comfort and support for them.  

Also, remember the heavier the child then the firmer the level of support will be needed in the mattress.  

Mattress thickness is not important in comfort for children however, the mattress thickness can affect the height of the child’s bed. If it's too high then it could be difficult for them to come in and out of bed, but it could also be a  safety risk as the toddler could fall out of bed during the night.  

When thinking of the density then memory foam mattress is good because it refers to the weight and volume of the mattress that is measured in kg/m3.  

The next part will be hard when deciding on the mattress for kids which is durability. So, on one hand, you would like to buy a mattress of good quality that will last longer, but your child can grow out of the mattress at some point. 

As I mentioned before a memory foam mattress is an exceptionally durable material that can manage the rough tumble and more when it comes to kids it can withstand all. And it is surprisingly affordable.  

Finally, the last few things that I would like to mention is the mattress cover the price which would be the main concern when having little ones. As kids can be a mess it's something that can be avoided so finding a mattress that comes with covers that are removable is essential. Pricing is usually the deciding factor for the mattress that it should be affordable, as most families on a budget would be compromised with the mattress’s quality.

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