What is a hybrid mattress?

What is a hybrid mattress?

What is a hybrid mattress you may ask? Well, it's a multi-layered mattress that combines springs and foam layers for the best of both comfort and support. 

Are they comfy 

Hybrid mattresses are some of the comfiest mattresses around. The foam layer contours to your body shape and gives your mattress a comforting feeling. 

Choosing the right firmness 

Hybrid mattresses are highly recommended mattresses, and they're available in all sorts of firmness options. 

  • Soft - gentle soft support 
  • Medium - balanced comfort support
  • Medium firm - a touch more support 
  • Firmer - firmly supportive 

Are hybrid mattresses better than memory foam? 

Hybrid mattresses are great in many ways. The sprung base supports your body, whilst the comfort layer provides cushioning comfort where you need it, giving you the sleep that you deserve. 

Does it cost a lot of money 

A hybrid mattress is a great investment, especially because you won't necessarily sacrifice quality when you buy a hybrid mattress, even if it’s at a lower cost.

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