What Is A King Size Bed Frame?

What king size bed frame?

A king size bed frame is one of the biggest bed frame sizes you can get, they are used to hold up and support a king size mattress, and they offer more support as king size mattresses are usually heavier.

How big is a king size bed frame?

In the UK a king size bed frame is 150cm wide and 200cm long, which is the same as 5ft wide and 6ft, 6inch long, this allows extra room to move around and offers more comfort, it is great for family's who share a bed, and couples who like their space.

Types of king size bed frames?

There are many varieties when it comes to types of king size bed frames such as metal bed frames, wooden bed frames, and divan bed bases. They also can come in different colours and designs, so when looking into the types the best place to find out what you want is by researching online.

Where to buy king size bed frame?

There are many places you can buy a king-sized bed frame, for example, there are many choices online, you can find them in furniture stores and you can even ask family or friends if they are selling or know anyone who is selling a king-sized bed frame.

Benefits of king size bed frame:

  • King size bed frames can hold more weight
  • King size bed frames come in a variety of materials
  • King size bed frames come in different colours and designs

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