What Is A Platform Bed?

What is a platform bed?

A platform bed is largely a single-level bed base that may sustain a mattress without the necessity for a bedspring. Sounds simple enough, right? While this is often true, there are numerous differing kinds of platform beds out there and it can get illogical even for the neatest of mattress shoppers. We take a heavy dive into what makes a bed and whether it’s the right bed for you.

What are the various sorts of platform beds?

Solid bed

A solid bed could be a bed that's fabricated from solid material with no clearance underneath. The solid material may be made up of various materials like wood, plastic, metal or maybe stuff. It's a solid base similar to a tier support surface that you simply can lay your mattress directly on.

It doesn't require a bedspring although some mattress manufacturers also produce solid platform beds that may be used with a specialised bedspring. related to a memory foam mattress, solid platform beds can isolate motion perfectly.

Floating bed

A favourite among minimalists, floating platform beds don't have any visible legs but have a sturdy, centre support for your mattress. they're usually low to the bottom and offer no cupboard space, giving off the illusion that they're suspended within the air, hence the name. Some floating platform beds are designed to be wider and longer than the common mattress.

Storage bed

Storage platform beds have bed bases that double up as cupboard space. Most of the newer storage beds have discreetly designed drawers for extra storage. Other storage beds open from up top. those that are short on space and have small houses usually select a storage bed.

Pros of platform beds

  • Platform beds are a cheap option.
  • With platform beds, you don’t require a bedspring mattress.
  • Their support is phenomenal.
  • Platform beds will be used with a spread of mattresses.

Cons of platform beds

  • Platform beds are quite heavy and enormous which might make it difficult to manoeuvre from one place to a different one, especially when moving homes.
  • Platform beds are quite low to the ground which can be quite uncomfortable for people who have lower back and knee issues.
  • Platform beds are quite costly counting on the fabric to make the bed.

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